Robert Jungic

From the moment you are told about this place and Dr. Petrovic, you can not ignore hearing of his ability to understand your discomfort and for him to apply the right treatment with a right technique suited to your individual need. When you walk into his office you are greeted with a smile and positive welcoming energy. I loved that personally. There is pilates room as well where Sarah a professional Pilates instructor for decades will more than gladly demonstrate what is Pilates and how great it is for you and why it actually works in making your body have more range of motion and not to even forget to mention the strength it builds in each tiny muscles along the way. My sister and I did it for 15 minutes with Sarah and we were amazed how easy it is and how well targeted areas get engaged through the motions. Once you talk to Dr. Petrovic you realize you are not there just for a quick consultation like other chiropractors. You get to know his story of why he is so passionate about his work in helping individuals heal in the best way possible. He comes off as not just a Doctor but a true passionate individual that wants to do everything in his power to get you better then you ever have been before your injury. His kind demeanor and ability to listen is something that is very important to a patient like my self. His ability to make me painless and feel great after the first visit is priceless. My sister had a back surgery from a pinched nerve and she is highly active person and she has chosen Dr Petrovic over and over again. I was in a bad car accident years ago and I remodel homes so I need all the help I can get. If you have been in pain as long as I have and someone is able to relieve that instantly like this fine doctor I hope you share your experience as a review so others can be healed too. Sincerely 2 happy and healthy patients Robert and Ivana