Martin Petrovic, DC

Dr. Martin Petrovic was inspired to pursue medicine by his grandfather who was an integrative medicine physician. With extensive training in naturopathic, emergency and Chinese medicine, dermatology, osteopathy and various manual therapy techniques, Dr. Petrovic strives to properly identify and comprehensively treat each condition using an individualized and modern patient-centered approach. Drawing from personal experience of major injuries following a car accident and having been a former college athlete, he demonstrates compassion and specializes in treating patients with traumatic and sports injuries but also enjoys general care and lifestyle medicine.

Dr. Petrovic enjoys educating patients and proposing various treatment options; working with each patient to decide upon a customized approach. He has trained in the Chinese medical techniques Qigong and Tuina, as well as myofascial release and cranio-sacral therapy. His style employs a holistic approach to treating the whole body.

Dr. Petrovic’s personal interests include playing league tennis, hiking, traveling, skiing, and enjoying diverse cuisines.